How to take good care of your con-tatto™

We love our products and we want you to keep them perfect for as long as possible. This is how you should clean them for a safe and glamorous drinking experience.

Wash after each use

Give your con-tatto™ a quick wash after each use, just to prevent liquids to be stagnant. For more accurate washing, please read the next advice.

Handwash with mild soap

From time to time you may want to give your con-tatto™ a proper shower. Use non-acidic soaps and rinse thoroughly in cold to lukewarm water.

No dishwashing

Our con-tatto™ is made of heavy-duty materials, but please avoid washing it in the dishwasher, as it may accidentally be damaged by other kitchenware.

Towel dry

Air drying can cause calcium stains, dry your con-tatto™ with a clean towel to ensure colours and finish look perfect.

Use the right side of kitchen sponges

Do not use the abrasive side of kitchen sponges. As an alternative, you can use microfiber cloths to wash your con-tatto™.