TR1BE for con-tatto ®

con-tatto® and One Tribe are working together to protect rainforest with every purchase you make. Now when you purchase from con-tatto® you automatically save trees in the rainforest and help improve the carbon footprint of your purchase.

Our Climate Action

  • Protect trees

    Protecting rainforest protects the animals within it, but also crucially the trees.

  • Store tons of carbon

    Trees store a huge amount of carbon to prevent it from being released into the atmosphere. The rainforest One Tribe protects actually stores 99.4 tonnes of CO2 per acre!

    A typical tree can absorb (or sequester) around 21 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

  • Save the acres

    Scientific research has calculated how many trees there are in an acre of rainforest and from there we have worked out that there are 1,012 medium and large trees in an acre. 

    This means that 100 square metres (which you could protect with your online purchase) contain 5 trees on average.

How it works?

When you buy an item you automatically save rainforest.

This helps fight the climate crisis by reducing Co2 in our atmosphere and instantly improving the carbon footprint of your purchase. One Tribe connects con-tatto® and their customers to rainforest protection projects and tracks the climate impact in real-time.

  • 1. You Purchase

    When your purchase from con-tatto®, they make a donation on your behalf.

  • 2. We Protect

    All donations are certified by One Tribe and transferred to the conservation partners.

  • We All Reduce Co2

    Funds are allocated to rainforest projects that help reduce and store Co2 from our atmosphere.

We create and fund rainforest protection and carbon offset projects globally. Protecting millions of trees that sequester and store carbon from our atmosphere.

Why Rainforest?

Rainforests are the lungs of our planet, the natural solution to climate change that remove and store CO2 from our atmosphere. Your purchase has now directly help protect them.

How does One Tribe protect rainforest?

One Tribe connects con-tatto directly to rainforest protection charities through the platform so every sale can directly donate and protect rainforests and the indigenous tribes and biodiversity that call them home. The rainforest charities  then fund on-the-ground projects to save and continually protect the land.

Our initiatives

  • 100% Recyclable

    All of our products are shipped to our customers in 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Educate

    Never stop learning! We increasingly want to move from being a reusable product brand to also becoming a marktplace that can change the vision of all moments product marketplace.
    That's why we educate and rely on our community.

  • No more plastic

    We want to try hard to reduce disposable items by creating new reusable products in everyday life. We started with our bottle.