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Hydrating with con-tatto® is good for your body and for the environment. And for your Instagram reputation.

Let's talk about me: con-tatto® bottle

About me

I'm a reusable bottle with 3+1 layers of insulation— copper, 18/8 extra-durable stainless steel, steel 201 — to keep your drinks warm for 15 hours and cold for 25 hours.

I follow you anytime, anywhere.

I'm a bit shorter and larger than the average insulated bottle, so you can carry it more easily.

My large mouth is designed to brew your favourite tea or add ice cubes to your drink.

They don't choose me just for design:

  • 3+1 Layers insulation

  • 25h cold, 15h hot

  • BPA free

  • Sport cup

  • Special silicone band

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con-tatto® is an exclusive design available in different colour mixes with a smooth finish and high-quality silicone details. From all-time classics to seasonal patterns.

con-tatto®, like you've never seen it before.

Discover our new customizer now, choose from predefined colors or mix all available colors. Now your con-tatto® bottle becomes even more personal, add your name or a phrase you love.

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