The more you drink, the more mysterious you'll look

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Hydrating with con-tatto™ is good for your body and for the environment. And for your Instagram reputation.

About con-tatto™

A reusable bottle with 3+1 layers of insulation — copper, 18/8 extra-durable stainless steel, steel 201 — to keep your drinks warm for 15 hours and cold for 25 hours.

It follows you anytime, anywhere

con-tatto™ is a bit shorter and larger than the average insulated bottle, so you can carry it more easily.

Its large mouth is designed to brew your favourite tea or add ice cubes to your drink.


17oz / 500ml
Mouth diametre
Empty weight

con-tatto™ features a watertight seal against dripping, with a plain cap you can use to hang around and a sport cap with flip straw.

For a limited time only, we have added a special silicone band to add more grip to your bottle.

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Looking great

con-tatto™ is an exclusive design available in different colour mixes with a smooth finish and high-quality silicone details.

From all-time classics to seasonal patterns,
we’ve got that covered.

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con-tatto™ features a special soft silicone bottom to avoid clanging when you place it on a table or on a desk. It’s a librarian’s dream come true.

Soft and velvety
The high-quality, durable silicone bottom is designed to avoid metallic noises in silent contexts.

Gets hardly worn

Our non-toxic, anti-scratch paints and finishes allow for a longer life of the colours of your con-tatto™, that stay nice and bright like the day you met.

Durable coating and finish
The special soft-touch coating is both scratch-resistant and pleasing to the touch.
Learn more about how to make it last forever.

Everlasting love

On a global scale, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute. Of all this plastic disposed, 91% is not recycled. Going on like this, by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic than fish.

It’s no fake news
The data shown comes from a 2017 research published on Forbes magazine. Read here something more about it.

con-tatto™ is designed to last for a long time, helping reduce plastic consumption and waste.

Just White
Just White
Just White
Just White
Just White
Just White
Just White
Just White

Just White

It’s heavenly and soft-touch, an evergreen choice that will make you look like a virgin.
# Limited edition bundle contains: 500ml bottle, Cap with string, Quick opening Cap, Silicone band, all in an exclusive pack!

| Special features |
3+1 layers of insulation
18/8 extra-durable stainless steel
Smooth finish and high-quality silicone details
Durable silicone bottom is designed to avoid metallic noises
Keep your drinks warm for 15 hours and cold for 25 hours
100% BPA free, phthalates free, toxins free
Suitable for acidic and carbonated drinks
Does not retain nor impart any flavour
Sweat-free, does not condensate
Stainless steel lid with leak proof silicone seal
Wide mouth for ice filling and easy cleaning
Airport security friendly
Hand wash recommended

Technical features |
Capacity 17oz / 500ml
Height 210 mm
Diametre 70 mm
Mouth diametre 44 mm
Empty weight 250gr

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Our features in a sip

  • 3+1 layers of insulation
  • 25h cold, 15h hot
  • BPA free
  • Sport cup free bundle
  • Special silicone band free bundle

Useful information

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