What is con-tatto™?

con-tatto™ is a young family of products made to follow people in their everyday lives with easy-to-use and extremely good looking products.

We are a startup which was born at the beginning of 2019 with a simple goal. We wanted to create something that could help people reduce the use of disposable plastic.

We chose a partner company with an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) certification, someone who shared our same values and concern for the climate crisis and plastic consumption. The ISO 14001 standard requires that an organisation considers all the environmental issues that may be related to their activities (such as air pollution, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation, resource efficiency).

We love our planet, but we are also inspired by fashion. We don’t see it as an ephemeral idea, but as zeitgeist, something that reflects the times we live in.

What does this mean for you? There will always be new designs in the catalogue.

We don’t look like the others

con-tatto™ products are exclusive designs by our founder Francesco Avilia in collaboration with Sovrappensiero Design Studio in Milano.

Their design is a recognisable synthesis of experimental research and industrial production, art design and interior design, street culture and contemporary art. Sovrappensiero works with Italian design brands such as Porada, Bialetti, Vibram, Manerba.

Why con-tatto™?
Our Manifesto should explain it well

con-tatto™ is not just another reusable bottle, con-tatto™ wants to be the trailblazer of a new idea of insulated, high-quality and extremely good-looking reusable products.

Want to know us better? This is our manifesto.

We believe in design as a way to enhance people’s lives and as an answer to their needs. With a little bit of style.

Useful doesn’t always have to be dull, that’s how con-tatto™ was born. We wanted to create a new range of reusable products that could match our style and mood.

Our iterative design process allows us to address issues and detect new possibilities. While one product is being released, there is another one being tested or redesigned.

Like most humans and animal species, we are quite worried by climate change and by the worldwide consumption of disposable plastic. We commit to promote reusable products that will stay with you for a very long time.

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